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Queen Arsinoe


Queen Arsinoe II

A woman who earned being a Queen, even though she was entitled to it. Wife of three kings, mother to three heirs and queen of two kingdoms, she was loved and worshipped as a deity. The remarkable Ptolemaic figure elevated and connected the Hellenic and the Egyptian Culture, embracing differences and uniting the people. A tragic mother, who turned grief into the courage to become a politician, an athlete, a patron of knowledge and finally a leader.

Initiated in the Kavirian Mysteries, the only humanistic and multicultural celebrations of faith and rebirth, she was part of the long list of celebrities such as Alexander the Great, Filip, Herodotus, Pythagoras who went Samothraki Island to pay their dues to the Great Gods. This island holds 7000 years of rich culture and remnants from several forms of civilizations that were shaped on it. People throughout history were attracted by Samothraki Island, captured by its energy and destined to return to it forever.

Queen Arsinoe II is still among the magnificent female personalities under-credited by history. Today, Arsinoe de Thrace pays a tribute to a woman who lived short and inspires forever.