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We live in 2018 but still, no one has managed to look through a closed door. We cannot really give a true testimony about other people’s experiences when they reach out to the world saying Me Too. What strikes as unimaginable is how it is possible to have so many female and male voices muted about such a physical, emotional and mental violation. This is probably the reason for the ambivalent response on whether the MeToo campaign reflects the real size of the problem.

We are women, and true to our philosophy, we are in the mission of raising awareness about women empowerment. Judging the MeToo campaign is only a narrow-minded approach that might minimize a traumatic abuse or doom an above average polite behavior. Hashing and shouting are two extreme expressions that will never do justice to the serious matter of sexual harassment and sexism especially in the workplace. When “not speaking” for too long makes “finally speaking” weak in terms of proof and making a case. Every individual has rights, the alleged victim, and the alleged offender. We are stunned to hear so many successful women having suffered a harassment. It makes us wonder what happens with women who might not have the confidence to speak up when it happens. We are also stunned on whether allegations of abuse if they fail to be proven, will ruin the reputation of innocent men.
Be brave, be confident, set your boundaries when you feel they are not clear. Express yourself the moment you feel pressured or not respected. Don’t hush. Speak when it happens so that sexual abuse at workplace will be settled fairly rather than becoming an uncontrollable campaign with unmeasurable results.