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Arsinoe de Thrace | The Kavirian Gods

Cabiri Gods

Axieros | Axiokersa | Axiokersos | Kasmilos

What is so intriguing about unknown deities? The Kavirian Gods (Cabiri, Caviri, Caveiri, Kavyri) linked with Hephaistos and Dioscuri, were considered patrons of the sailors who established their worship. Little are revealed from history about the Great Gods. Sources report their existence even in India, where a number of ancient Greek traditions were spread.

The ceremonies to celebrate the Kavirian Gods initiated from Northern Aegean islands to other locations, but what is special about the Samothracian Mysteries is the multicultural spirit, where an assigned priest (kois) would decide the suitability of the aspiring initiate, regardless religion, origin, age or social status.

It is not the Kavirian Gods that produces the most inspiration. It is the religion that was created for them – one that respects the power of nature and connects it to the human soul. This is the key element of an ancient belief that could evolve to a modern philosophy.