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Arsinoe de Thrace | The emblem

Since the Kavirian Mysteries of Samothrace where exclusive only for those initiated, a great wonder lies among us over the rituals of the initiation (myèsis).

The openness though was remarkable. Anyone from every race, economic status, gender, and age could be initiated, with one condition – being present and truthful. The initiated, mystes (μύστες, μύσται) in greek,  had a number of symbols and values revealed to them during the ceremonies.

An iron ring was one of them. Exposed to the magnetic stones of the Sanctuary would unleash a divine power that would protect the mystes. One of those rings recovered from the site, depicts a snake, symbol of wisdom, between two stars – heaven and earth combined to give hope for a good life, protection at sea and a peaceful afterlife.

A strong symbol then is a powerful emblem now. Arsinoe de Thrace, revives the Kavirian ring and defines its brand to a strong cultural identity.