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“Arsinoe de Thrace” is a cultural fashion brand that was founded in 2014 on Samothraki Island, Greece. “


 “AdT” produces exquisite garments of high quality, with the highest and strictest standards in the design, the production and the raw materials of the garments. Each dress is handmade of pure silk of the finest quality worldwide.

AdT @ a glance


The company was inspired from Queen of Thrace, Arsinoe II. Arsinoe was a magnificent woman, from the royal house of the Macedonians and the same line of affinity with Olympiada and Cleopatra. She was described as well-educated, dynamic, diplomat, patron of the library of Alexandria and Olympic champion.

She was remarkable combining the beauty and the spirit. Exiled on Samothraki Island she was initiated to the universal mysteries of antiquity, the “Kabirian Mysteries”. The powerful energy of the island inspired her to build her dome in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. That was the first round building in the world. “AdT” is an ode to a Queen with vision and open mind, to the aristocratic simplicity of ancient Greek culture.


A Fashion & Culture project

The purpose of “AdT” is to give away a part of culture along with a dress inspired and named after a female personality of Greek antiquity. Each “AdT” dress is unique, giving life and movement to the ancient Greek sculptures, made to initiate dynamic and capable women in the mysterious world of Queen Arsinoe.

‘Keeping a part of our history will make us write our own’

Arsinoe de Thrace team

Katerina Karajanni

CEO, Designer

Katerina Karajanni was a teenager when she first saw the statue of Queen Arsinoe II. Learning her fascinating life and story she promised herself one thing – “I will give her back her throne”.

Katerina is now focused on making an example of Arsinoe and establish a dynamic role model for modern women.