AdT’s new collection “Floating Islands” is created by the mystical colors of the Greek islands combined with the depth of energy that travels among them. Hypatia Hall, the home of an non profit organization, also inspired by another incredible historical figure Hypatia, offered its special rooms, for the photoshooting of the first three dresses of the collection.

This  the backstage footage with the original music by Zoe Tiganouria – Nostalgia. Zoe

On the 16th of December 2013 Germany opened the doors of the Glyptothek in Munich for an haute couture fashion show of Arsinoe de Thrace. The timeless beauty of a chic dress brings out the authenticity of each woman.

Behind the scenes, photos, ideas, spirit. A little bit of everything from Arsinoe.

Genuine ancient Greek beauty from the eyes of Arsinoe de Thrace

Arsinoe de Thrace first exhibition 2012.

A video journey through the sacred Mysteries of Samothraki, on the island that still holds its everlasting energy.

A glimpse on how the Sanctuary of The Great Gods looked in its prime.

The 3D tour is offered from EmoryUniversity CFDE